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Goldie Delicious plus Cutie Mark Brooches
Cleaned up my model for Goldie Delicious's brooch, and while I was at and having got the hang of going from vectors to modified vectors that play nice with FreeCAD to 3D models, decided to try some cutie marks. Started with Applejack's cutie mark, then just sorta went through some of my favorites and saw who worked well and who didn't.

Most of them were pretty straightforward once I got the technique down. Starlight and Derpy required a few versions to get the scaling and relief depths right, Lyra needed a little tweaking to get the strings to print. Fluttershy unfortunately managed to disappear out of my WIP folder, which I only just realized.

Citation link dump:
Goldie Delicious' brooch was pulled from GEZawaTT's full body vector:…
Applejack's CM is from uxyd:…
Shining Armor's CM is from Hawk9mm: (deviation removed)
Rarity's CM is from Hawk9mm (deviation removed)
Starlight's CM is from Parcly Taxel:… ,…
Lyra's CM (middle row) is from Maximillianveers:… (Account deactivated)
Octavia's CM is from Maximillianveers (account deactivated)
Derpy's CM is from Hawk9mm (deviation removed)
Lyra's CM (bottom row) is from Parcly Taxel:…

.STL file for Goldie Delicious is up on my Thingiverse:…
The various cutie mark brooches are probably not going to be uploaded since the vectors used come from so many places and several deactivated accounts.
Goldie Delicious Brooch
Way back in Season 4 during 'Pinkie Apple Pie' when we first saw Goldie Delicious, one of my first thoughts was that her brooch was kind of a neat design. Couldn't really say why, since it's really fairly simple and has an old timey look that usually isn't really my thing, but I liked it.

Recently I got a 3D printer and have been teaching myself some 3D printing skills and some new modelling tricks, and one night for whatever reason, I remembered the brooch and decided that with the vector resources the MLP community has and the brooch's relatively simple geometry, I probably could make my own, real life brooch.

Had a few learning incidents along the way, but generally it went pretty well. Originally printed it with an eyelash, but scaled to 40mm tall and running a 0.4 extruder it came out as just a little sliver and didn't look so good and I ended up trimming it off. Clearance to the left of the silhouette, especially bottom left, looks a little bit bigger than the right side, a relic of the brooch not being head-on in the source material and my adjustment looking good on a screen, but not quite right in 3D. Planning to clean up both in a v2 model.

I borrowed the pin geometry from GEZawaTT's vector of Goldie Delicious, found here:…

I'm really excited about the potential for 3D printing cosplay props, and I'd love to get into more pony cosplay as well as some fantasy stuff for renfaires, but for right now, this isn't a promise of anything to come.
And so another TrotCon has come and gone, and like usual it was awesome. Panels were great, cosplays were great, the guests were hilarious, and artist's acres weren't that hot considering how many people were in there.

Both my biggest gripe (aside from the occasional lack of A/C) and an incredibly heartwarming moment actually happened in traffic outside the convention though. Part of my group had a breakdown on the way to Columbus, and while they managed to re-attach the broken hose, they had lost their coolant. While they were standing around thinking about who to call, Carousel Accessories stopped, asked if they were going to the convention, and lent them some spare coolant they happened to be carrying. Thank you Carousel Accessories, we all really appreciated it! Meanwhile, I forgot that I'm not a local anymore, and managed to get lost twice despite the assistance of both a GPS and a police officer.

The serious cosplays are always amazing to see, but what was also fun was that this year the group I was had fun with it too. Between Friday and Saturday we had Shim & Sham (genderbent Flim & Flam), two Elusives (genderbent Rarity), three OCs, a (genderbent) Octavia, and a (genderbent) Zecora.

Merch wise I spent ALL of the bits I brought with me (my wallet contains a printout of a "100 Bit Celestial Reserve note" and a coupon for vitamin water right now), but hey, I only get to shop fan merch in person once a year. The tradition of comissioning Alex Heberling to draw the character I'm cosplaying continues, as does not being able to control my fanfillying within 3 meters of Pixelkitties' booth. Might do another custom once my wallet recovers, as well as a flask if anypony caught that vendor's name or website.

And I've got things to do, so pictures soon. (Not Soon(TM), actual soon.) And they're up!

And apparently I can't get out of character for Elusive. I'm already planning next season's outfits! (I think I can do Fluttershy/Butterscotch without having to wear nearly as many layers, and I have most of a Twilight that was supposed to happen Sunday and didn't...)
  • Listening to: 7th Element
  • Watching: Arrow
  • Playing: FTL


Lets see... I'm a college student studying engineering, a former Boy Scout (and current outdoorsman when I get the time), and ... Oh yea... I'm seriously addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm pretty on and off with contributing, due to the lack of time in college (and hit-or-miss inspiration in general), so expect updates to be infrequent, and probably pretty varied. Still, I've got a to-do list projects that I'll get to uploading (well.. completing first... scratch that, /starting/ first) when I get around to it.

Three big interests (excluding ponies) are cars, computers, and scouting, and the last one made a much nicer cutie mark when ponifying myself for an OC. There was more to it than that, but that gets long and personal...

The /signature I use sometimes is my old sig from somewhere, and is the one thing that I keep in common between most of my pony and non-pony accounts.

I can't draw (yet!), so I use a lot of vectors, and I make sure to credit the original source as often as I can. By the nature of fan art, most of it also involves content owned by various companies. Any incorrect or missing citations are an error on my part and I'll gladly fix them/take them down if they're brought to my attention. I don't want any trouble.

I'm wayyyy too connected, so e-mail (eaglehooves[at], Steam ("Lord Elusive"), Reddit ("eaglehooves"), and probably anywhere else an "Eaglehooves" turns up.


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